It's a Boards & Swords Takeover!

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I originally started this website with the name Obsessive Comics Disorder because 1) I was really into comic books at the time and 2) I’ve dealt with mild OCD all my life and it felt like a positive way to channel that stigma. While I still love comic books, all of our content is now gaming related - which has left me having to answer the “Why is your site called OCD?” question a lot, confusing others when they try and find one of our shows, etc. So after talking with folks, I’ve decided to make the executive change to switch over to the “Boards & Swords” name. The Boards & Swords podcast is one of our best podcasts for a multitude of reasons, but its also what our content is most known for.

What does this mean to you? Not much if you are already a follower. As you can see, names of websites and services are changing, but if you are already following us on social media, then there is no impact other than the name changing from “Obsessive Comics Disorder” to “Boards & Swords”. There will still be some lingering of the OCD tag around until I get some new graphics to update everything with.

In the meantime, if you are not following us on our various platforms, here is how you can find us:

Twitter: (Not being used at the moment, but that will be changing as I use this for show/content releases and other news) or follow me personally at

Got any questions? Contact me using any of the above links or at